Product Care



Florabella Millinery is available in One Size (57cm). Most Florabella hats have a ribbon drawstring sweat band that allow for adjusting fit.



  • Raffia - Raffia is a natural fiber made from the raffia palms that are native to Madagascar. Raffia is a durable material and its color warms with age. In order to clean raffia, it is important to note natural fibers respond well to natural cleansers. Don't use harsh chemical cleaners on stains, or this may stain raffia and cause discoloration. It is strongly recommended to spot clean raffia with water only as needed.
  • Cotton and Linen Hats - Cotton and Linen hats may be hand washed and laid flat to dry. For difficult or hard to remove spots, please contact a cleaning specialist.
  • Leather Items - It is recommended that all leather items should be cleaned by a professional only.
  • Suede items - we recommend using a suede brush regularly for clean up if needed. If stains occur you will need to check with your dry cleaner for them to clean. PLEASE NOTE: follow the raffia instructions above when taking to a dry cleaner which they should be aware of and can advise you of cleaning. 
  • Ready to Wear Item - Please follow the care instruction label located on your ready to wear item for complete care instructions.



Hold the hat over steam and gently manipulate the brim into shape while still warm. Apply steam to the underside of the hats only.



  • Crochet Raffia Hats without a wire or filament at the edge of the brim and fabric hats can be rolled to pack.
  • Wider brimmed raffia braid and crochet raffia hats may have a wire or filament at the edge to provide shape. It is recommended that these hats are placed flat at the bottom of a suitcase lightly stuffing the crown and packing other items around the brim to avoid crushing the crown of the hat. If the hat is slightly misshaped in transportation, re-shape with steam.



Handbags can be flat packed.

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